What is the LED Wattage for Cannabis growing?

Date:2021-01-04 09:56

Wattage is actually an archaic term that more accurately used to determine the coverage of HID/HPS and MH grow lights. It is still used for LEDs for the simplicity sake, but the PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density) and DLI (daily light integral) are the best metrics to use to determine coverage area and power output.

  As a rule of thumb, use a minimum of 32 watts per square foot of growing area. If possible it’s best to use between 50 watts and 80 watts per square foot when using LED grow lights. For example: a 2’ by 2’ grow area would require at least 128 watts and a 5’ by 5’ grow area would need at least 800 watts. All BASKAI design models are in top performance.

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